Cardamom, a universally appreciated aroma that has inspired us since ancient times.


It is widely used in gastronomy and in ancient times was highly prized and versatile and has been used since time immemorial to create perfumesand offerings, and to embalm the bodies of important personalities.


Cardamom seeds have a particularly intense aromareminiscent of spices, camphor, amber and citrus.


In perfumery its essential oil extracted from the seeds by steam distillation is used. This results in an oil of a pale yellow color that has all the aromatic richness of the primordial odor.

It is used for the creation of specifiedperfumes, but only by the more sophisticatedcosmetic firms. We can find it as the base of the fragrances Eau de Parfum "Black Citrus" de Vilhelm, in Eau de Parfum "African Leather", in "Tamarind" from Memo Paris and in "Rose Noir" from BYREDO. An essence that continues to inspire us since 700 BC.C. When it came to us from distant and mysterious IndiaIndia.

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