Bergamot, uone of the most widely used products in perfumery.

Bergamot Citrus bergamia-is a citrus fruit shaped like a rough pear and whose interior is divided into segments. It has a sour taste -which is why its juice is not used- and has a very aromatic skin from which the essential oil of bergamot is extracted.

It is well known for its use as a flavoring agentin gastronomy. But its best known uses are in perfumery, for its ability to combine with a wide range of scents with which it complements perfectly: it is estimated that one-third of men's perfumes and half of women's perfumes contain bergamot essential oil.

It was one of the original components used in Eau de Cologne, created in the German city of Cologne -from which it takes its name-. And in the early 18th century it was first used to make perfume "Eau de Toilette"; the essence was obtained by pressing the pulp against sponges that were impregnated with the oil.

Bergamot: a full-bodied fruit, with a fresh and stimulating aroma that is a fundamental essence in the production of perfumes and that has managed not to go out of fashion throughout history.

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