Despite being known to many as a culinary ingredient, basil is widely used in perfumery and has an herbal scent that brings an elegant and sophisticated freshness.

It is a plant celebrated and revered, in equal parts, by different cultures. Some African legends claim that it protects from scorpion stings, there are European traditions that assimilated it with the cult of Satan and in India it is considered a sacred plant. In ancient Greece it represented hatred, misfortune and povertyand yet, in Italy it is a symbol of love. In the past, maidens placed this plant in the window to attract the love of young men. It is hard to believe that the same plant brings together so many loves and hates.

Its essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and flowering tips.

In perfumery it represented a total revolution, in principle, for masculine scents; it brings the touch of freshness and the herbal essence -it represented an alternative to lavender-. But, for decades, it has also been used for feminine essences, especially for herbal and fruity fragrances.

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