One of the most prized products in perfumery since time immemorial is the ambergris and its history sails the great oceans inside the body of whales and sperm whales.

It is a grayish stomach secretion that the sperm whales, after digesting, secrete into the sea - pieces from 15 grams to four kilos can be found, a real treasure - and that, thanks to the salt and the sun, little by little solidify and float patiently in the waters, until some lucky person finds it.

They calculate that, for amber to have the right consistency and quality,it is necessary to float in water, at least thirty years. A priceless treasure in ancient times when there was no chemical substitute for it.


Pure ambergris does not have a "pleasant" odor but, paradoxically, it is indispensable in perfumerybecause of its power as a fixative of other pleasant aromas. Without him, perfumery would not have lasted through the centuries, since the fragrances created would be ephemeral and would not last months or years enclosed in the precious glass bottles that contained them.

For thousands of years, brave sailors and whalers from all over the world chased these huge marine animals to rescue the pieces of amber that could float in the waters of the great oceans.

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