Marry me with my skin on point? Yes, I want to!

¿Casarme con la piel a punto? ¡Sí, quiero!

They say that, since we were little, we dream of our wedding day. They also say that most of us have the dress design in our heads for many years before we even know if we will ever get married.

I, however, as a child only dreamed of dolls and strollers. She didn't really know what a wedding was (maybe she did, and she was one of those who wanted to marry her father..

I know now, and first hand: I'm in the middle of organizing mine! What an exciting, fun, exciting, stressful and different year all at the same time.

Skin care


Those of you who have already married or, if you are about to do so, know that, nowadays, organizing a wedding is not like years ago; when, our parents, only had to choose the look, the church (in case it was a religious wedding) and the restaurant or hotel where they were going to celebrate the wedding.

Now, besides that, the most important thing for a bride is THE dress. Thus, with capital letters (actually, it always has been). Then come into play shoes, accessories (jewelry, headdresses, etc.). etc.), the invitations, the Candy Bar, the gifts for the guests, the flowers, the trip and, of course, the skincare!

Cleanser de EVE LOM

Until a couple of years ago, I admit that I didn't take much interest in taking care of mine. In fact (now it seems like a crime to me!), I didn't even follow a basic beauty routine, which starts in the morning, with the first face cleansing; the one I always skipped.

However, with the wedding just around the corner, one of the must-haves in my "Things to do if you're getting married" notebook was to dedicate a day (or several) to get a facial.

The only EVE LOM

booth in EVE LOM.

I am lucky to be part of the 'ABANUC universe', so, it was clear to me that, facing the wedding, I was going to get my skin tuned up in the beauty cabin of ABANUC Salesas; the space we opened in Madrid in December 2017.

This cabin is the first and only one of EVE LOMin Spain (the British firm that created the famous "best cleanser in the world"), and that's where I just tried the first part of the bridal treatment. It's wonderful! I'll tell you what it consists of.

P.DDid you know that you should have four cleanings a year, one for each season? Just as we take care of our teeth or our hair, the skin is another fundamental part of the body. And, even more so, if you get married!

Cabina ABANUC Salesas

A four-phase treatment


The Bride's Ritual, as it's called, starts one to two months before the wedding with the Ultimate Cleanse treatment by EVE LOM, which detoxifies and deeply cleanses the skin thanks to the application of the firm's iconic kerosene. This first phase lasts 55 minutes.

When there are about 15 days left before the wedding, you return to the cabin for a second treatment, completely personalized: depending on your age and the needs of your skin, you choose, together with the expert, the ritual that would suit you best.

In my case, since I haven't had a cleansing for a long time, I think it will be the Detox Radiance. This treatment also deeply cleanses the skin, with the added bonus of boosting radiance. Its duration is 55 minutes.

You cross off dates on the calendar and, a few days before the BIG day, come the last two treatments of the 'bridal ritual' which, together, last an hour and a half (done in the same session).

Start with the Brightening Facial by EVE LOM, a real 'shot' of radiance, vital for the wedding day! In addition, this treatment is extremely hydrating and helps reduce hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone.

With the cosmetics of the British firm on the face and already completely relaxed, comes the turn of.

the hands of the bride

How important they are and how little we take care of them! With an exfoliation based onpearl extract, which removes dead cells, this Nourishing hand treatment brightens and moisturizes the skin.


After the exfoliation, which I love (I recommend you do it from time to time because the sensation is incredible), the expert applies a mask with a kerosene film on your hands; it nourishes a lot.

And, as a finishing touch to this wonderful and very complete bridal pack, a gift: you will receive a nice bag with some luxury samples for you to continue the treatment during your honeymoon. Now that's a luxury!


In short, whether you get married or not, you should try, at least once, some of the treatments we offer in the Salesas cabin.

If you are up for it, call 91 421 35 78 and book your appointment (hours: M-F, 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. S, from 11:00 to 20:30). You won't regret it! On the contrary, you will be eager to repeat as soon as possible.

See you next time!


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