The secrets of satiny oil for body and hair

Aceite satinado para cuerpo y pelo de diptyque

As we have noted on several occasions, cold days are often the worst enemy of hydration, especially when we can't stay at home with a blanket and a good coffee. These days when we fight the low temperatures with coat, scarf and gloves, we need an extra nutrition so that our skin and hair keep their softness and shine.

That's why today we bring to the blog the Diptyque satin body and hair oil, a product from the Parisian House that will remind you how wonderful it is to have a well-groomed complexion and, above all, a healthy mane every day of the year. For me, it has been a discovery, mainly because, unlike other oils, this one is quickly absorbedand does not leave a sticky feeling. A real treat!

Silky and very subtle, diptyque's satin body and hair oil is one of those multi-purpose oils that you can get a lot out of. On the one hand, it softens, moisturizes and improves skin feel. But the story doesn't end there, because it also revitalizes the hair and restores its original shine.

Personally, I love its result when applied to the hair. Those of you who know me know that I always try to keep up with the latest hair care trends, and when I tried this lightweight diptyque hair and body oil, it was literally like love at first sight. In addition to providing softness and shine, it perfumes with a pleasant floral aroma, thanks to some of its main ingredients, such as jasmine, ylang-ylang and saffron.

How to get the most out of the benefits of diptyque satin body and hair oil:

  • When using the body oil, it is best to use it on wet skin, right after a comforting shower. Our recommendation is to use it once or twice a week, enough to prove its effectiveness!
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  • When using it on hair, the ideal way to apply it is from mid-lengths to ends, with clean, damp hair. You will quickly see that it moisturizes in depth and provides that softness you were looking for.
  • Although it does not require rinsing, you can also use it as a treatment once a week: leave it on your hair for a while and then remove it with warm water. The two types of oil it contains, avocado and urucum, will give you the nourishment you need for a revitalized mane.


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