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Reestrenando con EVE LOM

Who doesn't love going to a beauty salon for a skin care treatment? Yes, it's impossible to deny it: we love it! Maybe it's because of the indescribable feeling of brand new, of leaving there refreshed and with a radiant face.

However, many times the lack of time makes us postpone it again and again. Therefore, I think it is a real luxury to be able to take the treatment home. There will be no more excuses!

With camphor, almond, honey and white kaolin, the Rescue Mask by EVE LOM is a great ally for a weekly deep cleansing. Decongests and relaxes the skin, restoring its natural radiance. It is designed for all skin types, but especially for combination/oily skin, as its clay absorbs excess sebum leaving a soft face and shine-free.

And, as the spring wedding season is about to kick off, I think it's the best time to bring to the blog this Rescue Mask that will undoubtedly make you the perfect guest!

Tips to squeeze its properties to the fullest


Since I tried this mask, I have discovered that, as the weeks go by, the results are more and more visible. Therefore, my recommendation is that, if you have a special event marked in the agenda, start using the product in advance 1 or 2 times a week.

When you open the jar, you will discover a mixture of water and clay which you will have to stir with the spatula. Then apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area. From that moment on, you start to notice its effect: it's as if your face is being recharged with an extra dose of vitamins. And the best part comes afterwards, when the mask should be left to work for 15 to 20 minutes. I use this time to read a book or watch a series, total relaxation!


If you want a complete exfoliation after 10 minutes you can make small upward circular movements with your fingertips. And, to help soften the skin and achieve a better finish, it will be best to remove the product with the EVE LOM muslin cloth dampened in warm water.

PD: In addition, this multifunctional mask can also be used a few hours before any important event, as it serves as a flash effect, brightening, toning and revitalizing immediately.


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