Advantages of performing lymphatic massages on the face. We show you how to do it from home

Ventajas de realizar masajes linfáticos en el rostro. Te enseñamos cómo hacerlo desde casa

I'm sure at some point you've heard of lymphatic massage on the face. But, do you know what they are and what they are for?


The lymphatic system is responsible for dragging the molecules accumulated in the tissues and conducting them to the venous system and excretory organs. It is responsible for eliminating toxins from the body.

Massaging the lymph nodes helps us to activate the lymphatic system, so that it acts correctly, we do not retain fluids and eliminate toxins naturally.

This is a massage technique with gentle 'pumping' movements directed in the direction of the lymph. From the face to the neck nodes draining to the thoracic area.

These massages are very good for our overall health and help us to improve the appearance of our skin, which will look much healthier and detoxified.

These are some of its advantages:

  • Improves the appearance of our skin and repairs its cells.
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  • Deflates the face.
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  • Promotes blood circulation.
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  • Strengthens the muscles of the face.
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  • It helps us to better reconcile sleep.
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  • Reduces acne marks.
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  • Eliminate signs of fatigue.
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  • Smoothing of expression lines, bags and dark circles.
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  • Eliminates excess liquids and toxins.
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  • Treats scars.
  • Provides oxygen to the skin.

Our star product for facial lymphatic massage is undoubtedly the award-winning Cleanser by EVE LOM, as it lubricates the skin so as not to apply too much friction to it, tones it and moisturizes it. In addition, it deeply cleanses the skin, decongests and, by using the muslin to remove the product, we manage to exfoliate the skin and further activate blood circulation.

If you wish you can also use any other oil-based cleanser such as the Cleansing Capsules by EVE LOMor the Cleansing Facial Oil by (MALIN+GOETZ).

Now, how do we do the lymphatic massage? With this explanatory video you will learn how to do it by yourself from home.

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