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Limpiadora de día de EVE LOM

EVE LOMit never ceases to amaze me. I'm crazy about it! On several occasions I have told you about my experience with some of the firm's products and, every time I discover a new one, I can't help but share it with you. Today I will tell you about the Daytime Cleanser by EVE LOM.

It cheers up even the rainiest morning. It makes even early monday mornings bearable. It makes you feel good from the moment you walk out the door, and that's starting the day off on the right foot. We all know it!

Applying this Morning Time Cleanser is to notice its softness from the first moment.

Applying this Morning Time Cleanser is to notice its softness from the first moment. If you find it hard to peel off the sheets when the alarm clock goes off, this cleaner will make it easier. It awakens your skin, decongests and brightens it. It renews you, I assure you that until today it has been the best sensation I have experienced in the mornings!

Like a cloud

The textureof EVE LOM products is very characteristic and has captivated me since I discovered it. This signature cleanser is like a cloud. It is soft, light, pure, subtle, delicate, silky... and all the pleasant adjectives you can think of. Do you want to know what you will feel when you try it?


When applying this cleanserfor all skin types, you will notice its velvety texture as if it were a mousse. However, when the product comes into contact with the face (wet or dry) it transforms into an oil that manages to illuminate and restore the natural tone to your skin.

And its essential oils are extracted from Egyptian chamomile, eucalyptus, hops and carrot. A combination that serves to smooth, decongest, soften, tone and stimulate collagen production.

Its aroma is reminiscent of the scents of other EVE LOM products, but is much less intense. When removed with lukewarm water, the texture will change to a very light milky lotion.

The best of the Morning Time Cleanser


I'm sure that, like me, the first thing you must have thought is that in the mornings you don't have time for a facial care session. Well, this cleanser doesn't take a second off our morning rush before going to work. You can even use it in the shower! In a matter of minutes, change your awakening.

Also, you don't need a muslin to exfoliate the skin, as one of its main ingredients is papaya enzyme; a protein with exfoliating properties. It is an instantaneous ritual, fast, ephemeral, whose effect lasts all day long.

PD: EVE LOM designed this cleanser to make one of the most important beauty routines a happy moment: morning facial cleansing. And, in my case, it has succeeded!


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