Why use aluminum-free deodorants?

¿Porqué usar desodorantes sin aluminio?

Why use aluminum-free deodorants?

Sweating is a completely natural mechanism of our body that fulfills two essential functions: eliminating toxins and regulating our body temperature.

Sweat does not smell bad. But why do we say that sweat smells bad? Although it may seem so, sweat does not smell bad, in fact it has no odor at all. It is the bacteria that accumulate in the sweaty areas of the body that cause this characteristic and undesirable odor.


The vast majority of deodorants we know are formulated with ingredients harmful to health such as parabens, phthalates, synthetic perfumes or aluminum.And although they are allowed, there are numerous studies that recommend eliminating them from our daily routine mainly because of their toxicity.

Among all these components, Aluminum Chlorohydrate is undoubtedly the most worrisome. It is an aluminum salt that penetrates the skin and is used as an antiperspirant.

"Deodorants that contain aluminum salts in their formulation occlude the sweat glands, forming a film with the sweat that occludes the exit orifice of the gland."

Silvia Pérez Gala, head of the dermatology department of the Hospital La Luz (Madrid).

Silvia Pérez Gala, head of the Dermatology Department at Hospital La Luz (Madrid).

There is much talk about the relationship of the use of antiperspirants with diseases such as Alzheimer's, Autism or Breast Cancer and, although none of the studies conducted are inconclusive, we always recommend opting for cosmetics that respect our body and do not compromise the health of our skin.

How can we know if our deodorant is formulated with aluminum?


In the product ingredients it may appear as Aliminium Chlorhydrate (Aluminum Chlorhydrate), Aluminium Zirconium (Penta-Chlorhydrate) or any ingredient beginning with 'alum'.

All ABANUC deodorants are aluminum-free!


That's right, at ABANUC we only sell aluminum-free deodorants. That is, deodorants that are NOT antiperspirants and that work with the body's natural flora and not against it. Do you want to know them?

- Bergamot deodorant by (MALIN+GOETZ): A deodorant stick that neutralizes odor through an antimicrobial complex and absorbs moisture. Botanical oils of cedar, bergamot, eucalyptus, lime, mint, lemon and pine give it a fresh, long-lasting scent. Formulated without aluminum, alcohol, paraben and sodium bicarbonate. Its fragrance is 100% natural, it is vegan and of course, cruelty free.


- Aluminum-free roll-on deodorant by Grown Alchemist: an aluminum- and alcohol-free roll-on deodorant containing natural antibacterial active ingredients to combat odor and ensure optimal microbial balance. This deodorant has an innovative active ingredient called Diatomite that absorbs perspiration.

- Eucalyptus deodorant by (MALIN+GOETZ): A deodorant with a refreshing eucalyptus scent that neutralizes odor without staining or leaving residue thanks to citronella extract. It does not irritate or block pores thanks to its aluminum- and alcohol-free formulation.

- SA aluminum-free deodorant.AL&CO: perfect for spray deodorant lovers. Its natural fragrance refreshes the skin without staining clothes. Formulated with hazelnut, sap, lavender and natural fruit alcohols that neutralize odor.

What are you waiting for to change your routine and choose cosmetics that respect your body?


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