10 Tips to make your makeup last as long as possible

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10 Tips to make your makeup last as long as possible


Buying quality makeup is very important so that the finish is excellent but we can not forget the steps to follow before applying it. The previous ritual is vital to achieve a professional and long-lasting make-up.

We give you 10 tips for your makeup to stay perfect all day long


1.- Cleansing:

This step is essential to prepare your skin before applying makeup. Removing impurities, dirt and dead skin is necessary before painting on the canvas.

The cleansing capsules 'Cleansing Oil Capsules' by EVE LOMremove makeup and remove all traces of impurities including waterproof mascara leaving the skin soft and clean.

2.- Exfoliation:

It is recommended to exfoliate the face at least once a week. With it we eliminate the dead cells that accumulate on the skin, stimulate cell regeneration, blood circulation and help it to acquire greater softness and flexibility.

The 'Polinishing Facial Exfoliant' by Grown Alchemistcleanses the skin deeply without damaging it.

3.- Prepare your skin for moisturizing:


Preparing your skin for moisturizing is one of the steps we know the least about but which makes all the difference.

The illuminating essence 'Radiance Essece Time Retreat' by EVE LOMis a cosmetic designed to prepare the skin for hydration, reduce fine lines and illuminate the skin.


4.- A shot of hydration:

To avoid getting creases in our skin or patchy makeup, we must maintain ideal hydration levels with a moisturizer suitable for our skin type.

As many of you know, Augustinus Baderis a cosmetics firm that is changing the entire skin care landscape. The firm has a body cream and two facials: 'The Rich Cream', with a dense texture is ideal for mature or very dry skin; 'The Cream', has a lighter texture and is ideal for younger or oily-prone skin.


5.- Don't forget your lips!

Just as we moisturize and prepare our face, we cannot forget our lips.

The Tanti-aging lip treatment of Grown Alchemistnot only diminishes the expression lines of your lips but also brings extra volume. It is wonderful to prepare them before applying a colored lipstick.

6.- A good primer:

This step is essential to lock in hydration and make your skin much more velvety, silky and unified.

The new organic primer 'Anti-pollution Primer' by Grown Alchemistis perfect if you are looking for a primer that does not contain silicones and does not clog your pores.

7.- Choosing a base:

Choosing the most suitable base for each one is important to achieve a perfect finish. We propose four:

  • 'Foundation Balm' by Kevyn Aucoin: an ideal foundation for natural, shine-free, deep coverage finish. It is a foundation that adapts to all skin types that also moisturizes and provides flexibility because it is formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

8.- Choose the right tools:


If we want to achieve long-lasting makeup, it is essential to create layers and blend the product properly. To do this we must use the best tools. The canvas is already prepared, but if the brush is not the appropriate one, the result will be disastrous.

9.- Seal the makeup:


For longer wear, seal the makeup with a mist.

We propose two:

  • 'Radiance phase mist' by EVE LOM: an illuminating facial mist that sets makeup, instantly hydrates the skin, improves its elasticity and firmness and protects it from environmental aggressions.

10.- Prepare your lips:


The trick to keeping your lips intact for as long as possible is to line them. This prevents the lipstick from smudging and the color lasts as long as possible


Kevyn Acuoin's 'Unforgattable Lip Defyner' lipstick helps you volumize and line your lips easily and simply.


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