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Pack de muestras 'Los cinco perfumes de SALLE PRIVÉE'

I have already finished packing my suitcase for Easter. Sweaters, short sleeve blouses, boots, sandals... In this weather you never know and that's why I'll wear a little bit of everything. Let it not be said that we are not foresighted! And you, what are your plans for these days?

At last, a little break to rest and enjoy.

A little break to rest and enjoy, where you can't miss a new fragrance to discover. Or rather, five! Because, on this occasion, I'm taking the Sample pack 'The five perfumes of SALLE PRIVÉE'. They have conquered me. And my whim during these vacations will be to use one every day because sometimes, and only sometimes, I love to have that sensation of starting something new every morning and not falling into a routine.

One of the things that has struck me the most is that SALLE PRIVÉE's 'Kham-Sin', 'Le Temps Perdu', 'Super 8', 'Celluloid Heroes' and 'Monochrome' perfumes are absolutely temporary. They will make you travel back to the 70's..., although each one in their own way.

Searching for the essence


'Kham-Sin' blends mandarin, peppermint, petitgrain, thyme, violet, patchouli, amber, laudanum, tonka bean and chocolate. It elevates the best of each ingredient in a fragrance full of colorand personality. It is a masculine and warm perfume, as much as a wooden shelter in the middle of a mountain or the immensity of a desert in front of your eyes.

'Le Temps Perdu' is an irresistible Eau de Parfum. Without a doubt, it is my favorite for being sweet and fresh at the same time. It is nostalgic. Addictive. A fragrance characterized by the scent of ambrette seeds, amber, ambroxan and musk.

'Super 8' is a fragrance as creative as its name. It makes you travel to a forest wild and full of life. With notes of smoky incense, sandalwood and leather, it is a fusion of contrasts in which the freshness of grapefruit and orange tree coexist with the spicy warmth of cardamom, ginger and pink pepper.

'Celluloid Heroes' is a tribute to citrus. When you smell it for the first time, you feel how a transparent, clean and fresh creation envelops you, thanks to its heart of bergamot, cucumber and lemon.

'Monochrome' is an artistic and unique essence. All components appear to be in perfect harmony on a canvas. The notes of clove, galbanum, rosemary, vetiver, leather and cedar wood recreate a peaceful atmosphere, designed for enjoyment.

I have already chosen my favorite. And you, which one do you want to travel with?


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