Meet the most exclusive signature fragrances inspired by Asian excellence

Conoce los perfumes de autor más exclusivos inspirados en la excelencia asiática



Perfume as poem


Asian sotisfication and excellence impressed Clara and John Molloy. The purity, subtlety, its deep roots and gestures of Asian culture captivated the founding couple who at once, knew something new, a different fragrant story that could enchant the world, like a thunder as sudden as love.

With Floraiku luxury is rediscovered with a touch of poetic rêverie. Together they invented Floraiku, for your shadows and for you.

To put Floraiku in images, Clara Molloy together with artist Victoire Cathalan chose Indian watercolors and inks, their soft touch and whispers, illuminating Floraiku's Asian vision.

The noses Alienor Massenet and Sophie Labbé, the two samouraï of Floraiku, experience no fear, have dedication and magic spells, capturing nature in a bottle, withshort formulas, plant extraction, creating three ceremonies, two shades and a special edition.

In each box of Floraiku you will find your 50ml perfume and a 10ml travel case to accompany you wherever you go, they are refillable so your love will never end.

Floraiku seeks and yearns for beautythrough ceremonies and fine rituals:

First ceremony

O cha - Secret Teas and Spices
Wind and memories of white rituals

Second Ceremony

Ikebana - Enigmatic Flowers
Each Petal is Indigo

Third ceremony

Kedo - Forbidden Incense
Sacred gestures playing with your mind

Clear or dark
For each perfume
Play with your shades and
Give your fragrance a new twist with
Sleeping on The Roof - Light shade
Between Two Trees - Dark shade

Edition 3776 "I am not a Flower"
Inspired by Mount Fuji, a symbol of elevation and veneration
This crossover edition was created to embrace its precious perfumes
made with precious ingredients.


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