The perfume that will make you travel to the Maldives islands

Perfume Vaadhoo Memo Paris

We present the new release of Memo Paris, Vaadhoo. A modern, surprising and inspiring perfume that will make you travel to the Maldives.

Memo Paris expands its Flying Seeds collection and embarks on a new journey to the Indian Ocean: the Maldives.
One of the most fascinating phenomena in the world is taking place in the Maldives. Beach Vaadhoo, is a paradisiacal spot where a unique light show known as the sea of stars takes place every night.
This natural phenomenon is due to bioluminescence, i.e., the ability of certain living organisms to produce light. In this case, the beach Vaadhoo glows in the dark due to phytoplankton when disturbed by oxygen. Thus, these living beings of plant origin respond in this way when they are moved by the sea and come into contact with oxygen.
Eau de Parfum 'Vaadhoo'was born as inspiration from this phenomenon. It is a perfume aromatic, fresh and spicy at the same time in which Eternal Flower seed, ginger oil and patchouli are blended. In addition, the moss, the cassis budsand the basil give it that special fresh and green touch.
Its olfactory family is green, woody and spicy.


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