To you, Mom

A ti, mamá

The cliché "there is only one mother"is the most accurate one I have ever heard in my life. We only have one, and that "one" is not just anything. Since the day I was born, mine has been (and still is) going out of her way. Yours too. Insurance.

This is not an exaggeration, no. Generally, a mother would put her life before that of her child. I would do anything, without limits. Are you familiar with "for my daughter, I'll kill"? Mine, without hesitation, would.

And me, of course, too. They say that the mother-child connection begins in the gut, with the first heartbeat. Therefore, it is logical that, from that first moment until the day she leaves our lives, our mother plays a leading role.

What about his advice? He always gets it right, it's amazing. What one day feels like a burnt horn to you, over the years you realize it's the most sensible thing you've ever heard. "How right he was."is one of the phrases we utter the most.

Also, a mother is always available when you need her, she would always stop whatever she is doing to attend you, help you, advise you, teach you, accompany you, comfort you.

An immense gift


Therefore, to you, Mom, who are always there for everyone and everything, I would have to give you an immense gift for Mother's Day.

I would start with a giant bouquet of hydrangeas, which I know you love. Your favorites are the green ones (I think they would look great in your corner of the living room where you have the mini armchairs).

Also, I would bring you your perfume, Do Son by diptyque, which, since you started using it about six years ago now, you have not tasted another fragrance of any on the face of the earth.

Do Son Eau de Parfum de diptyque

And a Genevrier candle, also from diptyque. Since you always turn it on when we go home for lunch on Sundays, I'm sure it will come in handy. You love the scent of juniper, cypress, fir and gaiac wood it gives off.

I would also take you a Radiance Boosting Powder from diptyque (does anyone doubt that my mother is a Parisian House crush?), the wonderful powder facial cleanser that scored you the day I gave you a sample to try. How it smells. and, what you always say, how it leaves the skin!


I would need three posts like this one to complete the list of gifts I would make you from diptyque, so, two last details: I would also surprise you with your favorite hand cream, Velvet Hand Lotion, the velvety lotion.

and with the Hourglass Fleur d'Oranger, the one that smells like orange blossom, remember? It's perfect for now, spring and summer. In addition, it would decorate any corner of your home with its sophisticated and elegant design.

Age Defying Smoothing Treatment de EVE LOM

I know that, with all that, you would be the happiest woman in the world, but nobody's bitter a sweet. This can go on! Now that you know a little more about EVE LOM, I also know you'd be dying for their Age Defying Smoothing Treatment, the 90 golden anti-aging capsules. Isn't that right?

Or for its morning cleanser, the Morning Time Cleanser, which you discovered last summer and, since then, has become the first step in your daily beauty routine.

For day-to-day use, you, who like to go around Madrid to run errands, could use the Kiss Mix Cheeky, also from EVE LOM. With it, you would always wear your lips hydrated and with a wonderful touch of cherry color.

Kiss Mix Cheeky de EVE LOM

Celebrate everything, everything.

And, as a finishing touch to this "immense gift", I would pick you up at home on a Saturday morning to take you to ABANUC Salesas to try the star treatment of our cabin: Ultimate Cleanse.

With this ritual, your skin would be completely clean, decongested and regenerated; thanks to the iconic paraffin from EVE LOM (P.D: how long has it been since you had a treatment).

When you came out of the cabin, now totally relaxed, I would invite you to eat at a local restaurant and toast you with a glass of champagne, or two, as you like it. You always say that, in this life, "you have to celebrate absolutely everything".

That's why, next May 6, your day, Mother's Day, we will celebrate that you are unique, the best.

PD: and, to you, if you still haven't decided what you are going to surprise your mother with, don't miss the selection of 20 gifts that we have prepared so that, that day, they are the happiest women in the world.

Cabina de tratamientos de ABANUC Salesas

In addition, if you give her one of the cabin treatments available in our letter, we will give her the Nourishing Hand Treatment, which your mother can enjoy during the same session.

Buy the treatment on before April 27, tell us it is for Mother's Day and we will send you agift cardto your home address so you can give it to her (she will be able to enjoy the treatment until July 31, 2018).

It is essential to request an appointment by calling +34 91 421 35 78 during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 10:30 to 20:30 h.
  • Saturdays: 11:00 to 20:30 h.




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