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Perfumes based on aromacology and coastal that change your mood. A different approach in the way of using fragrances. Sustainable luxury in a perfume bottle. 

The objective of Valeur Absolue is to create sustainable perfumes, vegan, cruelty free, 100% clean and luxury that generate well -being with their use. Each of them is formulated with natural ingredients known for his Positive impact on human psychology.

Seven emotions for seven fragrances. All of them designed with a natural extract of alwaysvive flower as stimulating betaendorphine that acts in our pituitary gland to make us feel different sensations with each of the aromas. 

"I think it is very important to start every day with the right energy for 'being the absolute tu' and expressing all your potential. Our perfumes-elixires contain pure treasures of nature that we believe can improve well-being and put more smiles in life Women's".

Benedict Foucart, creator and director of Valeur Absolue. 

Valeur Absolue fragrances are formulated without PCM, dyes, CMR chemicals, polycyclic musk (PCM), phthalates, heavy metals.

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