How to use the diptyque textile steamers?

  • Mist or Room Sprays by diptyqueare specifically designed to scent textiles, except leather, silk and velvet (they can stain or eat through fabric!).

  • When applying the vaporizer, always keep a safe distance of between 30 and 40 cm between your hand and the fabric.

  • At first you can apply it a couple of times a day to ensure that the textile is impregnated with the scent. After that, it will be enough to do it once a week.

  • You can also use it to accentuate the aroma given off by a candle: vaporize any textile in the area where it is lit and you will achieve a unique aromatic intensity.

  • In addition, you can apply your steamer on the sheets, the curtains, the towels, the clothes in your closet, the cabinet, the suitcase...

  • If you have carpet orcarpets, apply it on them and, with the heat given off by the heating, you will achieve a greater aromatic intensity in the area (in fact, you can steam the radiators so that the aroma expands when they are on).