Affiliate Program / ABANUC Partners


We know that you like ABANUC products, and we know that you recommend them, that you tell everyone when you wear your favorite perfume and they are fascinated, when they ask you how good you look and how your skin glows, so young, and we know the satisfaction you feel when your guests come home and smell the pleasant aroma of your favorite candle.

10% every time a recommendation from you turns into a sale at ABANUC


And, since we are aware that, when you recommend something special, people listen to you, we believe you deserve the reward for what that is worth, because you and your opinion are worth a lot. This way you can take advantage of your prescribing skills, your advice, opinions and recommendations.


All you have to do is apply to become a partner of ABANUC in this form (here).

Once your profile is approved, choose the product you want to recommend, copy the url and paste, at the end, this little piece of code (?aff=1), replacing the 1 with your affiliate number. For example:

So, we will be able to record every user that comes from a referral from you and note their sales, and 10% of every purchase they make will be allocated to your account.

And how do I do it?


Share your favorite ABANUC products with their link and affiliate code on your networks, with a photo of ours or with one you have taken (which will always be more interesting) on your Facebook, on your Instagram, on your Twitter or by Mail, with the people who listen to you, with those who listen to your recommendations and follow you. The important thing is that you add the affiliate code to the link. The rest will come by itself.

What control do I have of my recommendations, visits and sales?


In your affiliate panel you will be able to see, in real time, the users and sales that have been made thanks to your recommendations, at all times. This way you will know how strong your advice is and how much you gain with each recommendation.

Does becoming an ABANUC partner commit me to anything?


No! Nothing. No sales minimums, no targets, no nothing. This is not a commercial program, it is just what we tell you, no more, no less, just a way for you to turn your regular recommendations into something profitable. Nothing more.

You can also unsubscribe your partner profile at any time, change the data or delete it. Or simply leave it unused, after a period of time, no less than two months, it will be automatically cancelled and, with it, all your data.

We ask only one thing of you, that you use your ABANUC partner profile honestly and for good things, for yourself and for those who listen to you. Nothing more.


Do you have any questions?


Although the ABANUC Partners program is automatic, you can always contact us directly here.