Linda Sharkey, fashion stylist and influencer: "ABANUC is the corner of Madrid where my favorite brands in Europe meet".

Linda Sharkey, estilista de moda e 'influencer': "ABANUC es el rincón de Madrid donde se reúnen mis marcas favoritas de Europa"

Journalist, fashion stylist, influencer... She is Linda Sharkey, Venezuelan by birth and, since 2016, resident and lover of Spain.

A staunch fan of ABANUC and, above all, of three of its brands (diptyque, BYREDO and EVE LOM), Sharkey has submitted to our little 'ABANUC Prescribers' test.

ABANUC: What is, for you, ABANUC?


Linda Sharkey: ABANUC, for me, is the corner of Madrid where my favorite brands in Europe meet: London, Stockholm, Paris... That is, diptyque, BYREDO... I'm dying to BYREDOand, to get a place where I can see all the smells, all the scents, all the candles and all the fragrances, it's like...

ABANUC:What is your 'star' ABANUC product?


Linda Sharkey: My favorite ABANUC product is this perfume by BYREDO, 'Bal d'Afrique', which I always have trouble pronouncing, but it's my favorite, I love it. I have a problem with perfumes giving me a headache, this one doesn't give me any headache at all and I can wear it ten times a day. It fascinates me. I will take advantage of it... (laughs).

ABANUC: If you had to choose an ABANUC brand...


Linda Sharkey: Well, picking just one brand is a little bit difficult. I think better is 'what is my favorite product,' which is really three. And, from diptyque, my favorite is 'Roses', the perfume 'Roses', which I love. From BYREDO, it's my 'number one' perfume of all, which is 'Bal d'Afrique', which I love, I love the hand cream as well. And, from EVE LOM, the 'Cleanser' is my favorite for the skin. It looks much brighter, more luminous, much cleaner... So those are my 'Top 3'.


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