Pure 3otanic™ Blend, the flagship of Ulé.

Pure 3otanic™ Blend, la insignia de Ulé

For Uléhealthy skin is resilient skin. Therefore, its main objective is to enhance the natural resilience of the skin.

The key to its success lies in the extraction of its ingredients and the formulation of its products. It is the first brand to introduce vertical farming in cosmetics, which allows the use of fresh products, not dried, taking advantage of each of its properties without wasting anything.

The key to its effectiveness is in Pure 3otanic™ Blend, a combination of plant extracts that come together to create this potent active.

  • Coleo: improves cell damage. PROTECT.
  • Centella: recovers skin condition. REGENERATES.
  • Tulsi: has antioxidant properties. CALMA.

This magic trio has four real functions that we have been able to verify

  1. It activates cellular renewal by 28%.
  2. Increases collagen by 28%.
  3. Increases the skin's own antioxidant defenses by 35%.

This formula is present in all ulé cosmetic products, with a customized concentration for each product.

Effectiveness proven, natural, clean and vegan.


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