Your smile needs the most nourishing lip balm

Bálsamo labial con color 'Kiss Mix Lippy' de EVE LOM

Although it may be hard for us to admit it, we still have a few weeks of winter left until we see spring arrive. In these days when we do not know how to fight the low temperatures, we must not forget that the skin of our lips is very sensitive and needs to be protected from the cold.

And, on gray days..., don't miss a touch of color! That's why today I'm going to tell you about a must-have for me, wherever I go: the 'Kiss Mix Lippy' lip balm with color by EVE LOM. Without a doubt, it is the accessory that I never miss in my bag... not in my smile either.

I used to only devote minimal attention to my lips when they became chapped but, over time, I have realized the importance of moisturizing them daily. And, after trying several lipsticks, I can assure you that no two are alike.

In this case, if I had to keep one of the features of EVE LOM'Kiss Mix Lippy', it would be its soft and light texture. It is so pleasant that you will remember to apply it more than usual.

However, it is difficult to decide which is its most outstanding quality, since it also refreshes, nourishes and softens. The best part? In addition to providing all the benefits of a moisturizing cosmetic, it has color. All in one! it's perfect!

I'm a fan of EVE LOM


Lippy belongs to EVE LOM's 'Kiss Mix Colour' collection, a line of three lip balms based on the original formula of the British firm. It takes advantage of the properties of the successful Original Kiss Mix and adds a range of warm colors to give a different and attractive touch.

Specifically, Lippy has a nude shade which, from my point of view, is the one that gives more play for the day to day. It is elegant and discreet, and you can use it for all kinds of occasions, such as going to the office, a lunch or a special event. Always groomed and, at the same time, natural!


Among all its ingredients, menthol stands out, which refreshes and soothes your lips when you need it most. In addition, it also has beeswax extract, which gives it nourishing properties to deeply moisturize and relieve the sensation of dryness and tightness. Use it as many times as you like!


You can apply it in three different ways:

  • As lipstick, it will give your skin a very natural touch of color.
  • If you like to go with more color on your lips, you can apply it on top of your usual lipstick. You will get a pearly sheen.
  • You can also apply it under your lipstick, as a protective and refreshing base. In addition, it will give you a greater color intensity.

Yes. This all-in-one exists. I have finally found it. And you..., were you also looking for it?



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