Enjoy with the transforming radiance mask

mascarilla de luminosidad transformadora de EVE LOM

Sometimes I think that the frenetic pace of our day-to-day life takes time away from what we like the most and the worst thing is that it does it stealthily, without us noticing. The weeks fly by and each year seems to go by faster than the last. Ouch! That's why, from time to time, I tell myself: "Slow down, disconnect, enjoy". A take it easy that I plan to fulfill.

Luckily, among all the things that are part of our life, there are small pleasures that are, quite simply, irresistible. What are yours? In my case, once a month I treat myself to an hour of relaxation with my great ally: the transforming radiance mask by EVE LOM. Why not, let no one change our good habits!

This EVE LOMmask, which belongs to the 'Radiance' collection, has an innovative formula that makes it a unique product.

This EVE LOMmask, which belongs to the brand's 'Radiance' collection, has an innovative formula that makes it a unique product. When the time comes, my ritual begins.

The first thing I do is apply the product on the face, giving a small massage of circular movements and leaving a thick layer to get a better result. It has the texture of a gel, compact and thick, making it very easy to apply. In addition, one of the things I like the most is that, from the very first moment, it adheres very well to the skin. It looks like he's caressing her!

Then, the best part begins. At the very least, thirty minutes of waiting in which I begin to notice the effects of this Radiance Transforming Mask while reading a book or unwinding to my favorite music. An authentic treatment to be enjoyed in all senses!

  • Essential oils, such as hemp seed oil and Bulgarian rose oil, smooth the skin. In addition, abyssinian oil helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Australian lime caviar pearl achieves a delicate exfoliation, restoring softness to the face.
  • It contains microalgae extract, which improves oxygenation, in addition to providing firmness.
  • And don't miss a dose of botanical extracts with antioxidants, which prevent aging!

All you need to do is remove it with lukewarm water, at which point you will notice that its texture changes to a milky lotion. Therefore, it gives the sensation of creating a protective film on the face that revitalizes, rejuvenates, illuminates and deeply moisturizes; leaving elastic and radiant skin.

PD: after using this treatment, the skin remains hydrated for six hours, so it is perfect to apply before a special event. And... a little trick! For a more radiant skin, it can also be used as a night mask: after applying it, remove the excess product after half an hour and leave it to act overnight.


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