Vanilla, sensual scent of richness and splendor

La vainilla, aroma sensual de riqueza y esplendor

Vanilla, that plant to which we associate a sensual aroma of richness and splendor, belongs to the genus of orchids and is practically the only species of the same that is used for its odorous and agri-food properties rather than ornamental.

It was known in Europe after the discovery of America; in fact, its name comes from the resemblance of its fruit to the sheaths of small swords. The Aztecs used it, since time immemorial, to flavor the cocoa beverage they usually consumed. The Spanish discoverers brought it on their voyages back to Europe and its consumption spread immediately.

According to an Aztec legend the vanilla plant was born from the blood of the princess Tzacopontziza (Morning Star) at the place where she and the prince Zkatan-Oxga, who had kidnapped her for love, were captured and beheaded by the priests. The prince was reincarnated as a vigorous bush and the princess became a delicate orchid vine entwined sweetly with her lover. A romantic legend to explain the birth of this aromatic and sensual plant.


Vanilla Tahitensis, Tahitian vanilla, is one of the most appreciated in perfumery. The processes for the preparation of vanilla require long and meticulous care and that is why, in proportion to its weight, it is one of the most expensive products in the world.

Vanilla was soon used, in addition to flavoring desserts and foods, as a base for the most exotic perfumes. It is part of the olfactory background of the so-called oriental perfumes and its aroma transports us to worlds of lush vegetation, sensual aromas and richness and splendor.

When we explore a perfume with vanilla base we are transported to worlds of richness, intense scents, dazzling colors and all our senses enjoy this saturation; but also vanilla has impregnated our olfactory memory: in homemade desserts, in grandmothers' biscuits... that is why, it also gives us a sense of tenderness and love for home.


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