The Lily

El Lirio

The lily, the most romantic flower.

The lily is a flower of apparent delicacy and fragility that is nevertheless very hardy, which is why we can find it in gardens throughout Europe and especially in the Mediterranean strip. It has a penetrating aroma, sweet and of great intensity and is highly appreciated in perfumery.


Perhaps because of their corolla shape with large petals they are associated with fertility and new mothers. They are widely used in bridal bouquets and are a good omen for the couple; they symbolize the creation of a new family.


But they are also associated with the masculine world, perhaps because of the shape of their pollen-covered pistils, they are linked to male sexuality and are considered a representation of eroticism. In the language of flowers, if you give a white lily to a man you are comparing him to the Greek god Adonis, to an icon of masculine beauty.

It is one of the flowers most associated with mythology: for ancient Greece it was the drops of milk falling from the sky as the goddess Hera suckled her child, for the Roman Empire it accompanied Iris in the transfer of women to the underground and the Jews decorated King Solomon's temple with its flowers. All ancient cultures have extolled the lily as a different flower.

Its fragrance is delicate and sensual, with sweet notes of white flower and a touch spicy. It brings to any fragrance the floral touch and the elegant sophistication of its sweet aroma.


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