Shine, nutrients and perfume in a single bottle

Perfume para el pelo 'Eau des Sens' de diptyque

I love fresh perfumes first thing in the morning. Those reminiscent of the greenest landscapes. Those that are so natural that they seem to blend with the skin. Those who, subtly, give you good morning like a breath of air or like the first rays of sunshine through your window.

Today I wanted to tell you that diptyqueknows how to surprise and conquer with the right ingredients. And, among its scents with more freshness, the Eau de Toilette 'Eau des Sens' stands out, an ode to bitter orange that for me was a love at first sight.

After its success, the firm created another wonderful gesture of fragrances: a hair perfume with the same scent. A dream come true at last! I know that many of you have been waiting for its arrival and that it has become an essential part of your daily life. I present to you the Hair Perfume 'Eau des Sens' by diptyque.


This is not a fragrance for typical and traditional use, but you will be able to reinvent the way you perfume yourself. It has been a discovery for me to know that there are products that allow you to boast a long-lasting scent all day long, from head to toe and without damaging your hair!

A combination of azahar, angelica root and patchouli that the Parisian House transforms into a sweeping fragrance.

A combination of azahar, angelica root and patchouli that the Parisian House transforms into a sweeping fragrance. So light and natural, the essence of 'Eau des Sens' hides a secret.

To these floral and citrus notes is added the olfactory accident, juniper berries, that surprise ingredient that makes this scent a unique creation. Bright and summery. Freshness in its purest form.

The best is on the inside


The story of 'Eau des Sens' by diptyquedidn't stop at the Eau de Toilette. And we're all celebrating! The hair perfume has managed to win us over, but I haven't told you the best part yet. Every time you use it, you will care for and perfume your hair at the same time, as its bottle contains nourishing properties that give strength and shine to your hair.

PD: to get the most out of it, the recommendation is to spray the fragrance on clean, dry hair, keeping approximately 15 centimeters of distance between your hand and head. Another option to make the scent last longer is to apply it directly on your brush before combing your hair.


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    Impresionante cómo camufla los olores en el cabello!!! Y su olor? Impresionante!!!
    Os lo recomiendo, a mi me va genial …

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