The fragrance that will make you relive the 70's/80's.


'Concorde', the VI fragrance by SALLE PRIVÉE that will make you relive the 70s/80s


For many the 70s/80s was a brilliant and revolutionary era. Full of progress and new horizons. An era in which Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Pink Floyd, David Bowie or the Bee Gees, among many, were its soundtrack. It was an era marked by bell-bottoms, backcombing and miniskirts...

'Concorde'is a perfume by Patrick Munsters that pays tribute to that time and especially to the way people traveled, the luxury and style of airplanes in those years. A tribute to the old way of traveling...

"Traveling at supersonic speed between New York, London and Paris... 'Concorde' would become the ultimate symbol of the jetset lifestyle..."

'Concorde'is the VI fragrance of SALLE PRIVÉE. A luxurious, stimulating and extravagant fragrance.


From the olfactory family woody-spicy, in its head we can find notes of Armagnac - yes, the French liqueur with more than six centuries of history -, juniper and pink pepper. At its heart are Guaiac wood, vetiver, parchouli, cashmeran, saffron and tobacco. In its base we can perceive golden amber, benzoin Siam, oud, cedar and sandalwood. The result of this blend is a perfume undoubtedly masculine, seductive and addictive.


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