Cinnamon, the oldest of spices.

It was used in China more than seven thousand years ago and as early as 2000 BCE.C. was traded throughout the Mediterranean.

Cinnamon is widely used as a food flavoring: spiced wine, game meats, curries and countless sweets that take us back to our childhood; who does not remember the smell of grandma's rice pudding or homemade biscuits?


But it is also highly appreciated in perfumery to create spicy fragrances and as a modifier of oriental perfumes. A scent that is part of our childhood and has accompanied mankind for more than 7000 years. Cinnamon notes can be found in the Eau de Parfum "close your eyes, and..." of Miller et Bertaux, in the Eau de Parfum SPICEAIR of HERMETICA and in "Siwa" of Memo Paris; to name just a few of the most emblematic.

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