Data Protection Policy

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force since May 25, 2018 for the entire European space, not only protects our personal data, but gives us the absolute right and total control over that data; which means, inescapably, that your data is yours and you can dispose of it as you want and when you want.

From now on, anyone who wants to save any of our data must inform us, clearly, what data they are going to save and for what purpose, as well as request our explicit consent. Therefore, from ABANUC, we want to guarantee you all these rights and that you are not only informed, but also have access to and the possibility of modifying or deleting the data we may have about you.

In any case, as laws must adapt to new scenarios and it is likely that in the coming times we will see more legal regulation of the media on the Internet, this Data Protection Policy may be modified, for which we recommend you visit it regularly. At the bottom of this page, under the heading "Changes to this Privacy Policy", the versions are recorded.

Of course, in addition to this Privacy Policy, it is also important that you read our Terms of Use.

Who is responsible for safeguarding the personal data you provide to ABANUC


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The principles governing your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation


Principle of lawfulness, fairness and transparency


* We will never collect, store or use any of your personal data without your knowledge and explicit consent.

* If we ask you for any personal information, we will always explain why we are asking you for it and what we are going to use it for, and we will only use it for the purpose we have communicated to you when we asked you for it, never for any other purpose.

Principle of data minimization


* The personal data we ask you for, moreover, we will do so because we really need it for that purpose. In other words, we will ask you for just as much data, not one more, as we need.

Principle of limitation of the storage period


* Any personal data you have provided to us will be kept only for the time necessary to complete the purpose for which we have requested it.

* Once this purpose is completed, this data will be deleted.

Principle of integrity and confidentiality


* All your data is stored as securely as possible. In fact, we either take every possible precaution or we carefully select the third parties we work with to ensure the most absolute security possible for your data.

Your rights regarding the personal data you have provided to us


You have the right to ask us for any information about your personal data at ABANUC and we are obliged to inform you if we have any data about you. In fact, we will do it on time and as quickly as possible in a structured and easy-to-read format.

You have the right to ask us, at any time, to delete any of your data that we hold. And we will do so, immediately.

You have the right to correct or modify the data you have provided to us.

You have the right to limitation of the processing of this data. You may ask us, at any time, to limit the use of your data for the time or purposes for which we have requested it.

You have the right to opt out of the processing of your data, for which we will stop using them immediately, once you notify us.

You have the right to request the portability of your data to a third party. In doing so, you will have to conveniently indicate to whom you want us to send your data, the format and mode of transfer, as well as explicitly authorize us to do so.

The above rights shall be exercised immediately and unequivocally, provided that they are not against the interests of defense against claims of ABANUC or their removal goes against the Intellectual Property Law which obliges to specify the authorship of a work.

To exercise these rights, simply write to us at


You have the right to effective judicial protectionand to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, which, in the case of ABANUC, is the Spanish Data Protection Agency, if you consider that we are infringing, in any way, the General Data Protection Regulation.

About personal data at ABANUC


At ABANUC we only store your personal data as a customer, which we use to offer you the best service, as well as to generate the best content, those that are of most interest to our customers, to show you the advertising that allows us to keep the website running, so that you can comment on our publications and to notify you promptly of all the latest news.

In addition, we use cookies in order to provide you with the best possible service, to improve the quality and suitability of our content and to have information on the correct functioning of ABANUC. These cookies do not store personal information about you (name, surname, address or similar) or about the navigation you do on other sites outside ABANUC.

The only case in which we will ask you for personal data has to do with orders, notifications and regular newsletters that we send about our products to users who so wish:

Orders uses Shopify as a technological tool to be able to offer the online sales service. When you make a purchase you are asked for some personal information that is stored in the database. The following information is essential for us to be able to send you the order: name, surname, billing address, shipping address, telephone number and payment method information. Never without your consent.


In case you want to receive ABANUC publications and promotions with our regular newsletters, we will ask you, at most, for your e-mail, first name, last name, acceptance of this Privacy Policy, occasionally the IP from which you have accepted and the treatment with which you want us to contact you.

For notifications of ABANUC publications and promotions, you need to know that we use the services of a third party: Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a).

We consider Mailchimp to be one of the best newsletter sending services for many reasons, including the convenience of access you have, as a user, to your data and the security of its processes, systems and servers.

All Mailchimp servers on which we store the data of users who wish to receive our newsletters are located in the United States and protected by the agreement between the United States and the European Union, the EU-US Privacy Shield approved by the European Data Protection Committee. You have all the information here.

If you have subscribed to our newsletters and want to exercise your rights over your personal data in Mailchimp, remember that, in the footer of all the emails we send you, you have links to modify the data or delete them without further complications.

In any case, you can contact us and request the manual modification, identifying your data and informing us in detail of the scope of such modification, by writing to us at:

On the other hand, we work with third-party technologies that record some navigation data, such as Google Analytics, Google Double Click For Publishers or Facebook.


At ABANUC we use Google Analytics to have anonymous browsing data. These data are not personal, they refer to the number of pages viewed, the time spent by users on each page and viewing the content we publish, the devices with which they do it, the time and minutes of access or the origin or country; but never data that can identify or locate any user.

You can view the Google (Google Inc) Privacy Policy here:

Our Commitment to Confidentiality and Security


At ABANUC, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of our clients' data, as well as all data provided to us, whatever the purpose for which they have been provided to us, in compliance with our obligations.

We also undertake to take appropriate measures within our power to prevent access to, modification or alteration of your data without your authorization. Despite this, you should know that there is still no such thing as absolute infallibility on the Web and there are always hackers looking for ways to breach or bypass any security measures, occasionally with success; therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of this data 100%, neither in ABANUC nor in third party applications.

In any case, if this occurs and any security measure protecting the data in ABANUC or in third party applications is violated, ABANUC will conveniently inform its registered users of such violation within a maximum period of 48 hours after becoming aware of it.

In the same case, ABANUC undertakes to respond to all those who sue for the violation of their data, ABANUC undertakes to respond to the violation and its extent.

About your data and its accuracy


Just as your data belongs to you, you are solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data you provide us for whatever purpose. This implies that you are responsible for the authenticity, veracity, accuracy and validity of this data.

The user is also responsible for providing only and exclusively his/her personal data and not those of third parties, as well as for not impersonating others. The use, delivery or publication of third party data is a crime and part of the rights protected by the General Data Protection Regulation. Likewise, identity theft is also a crime.

In the event of any damage arising from the breach of these rules, as well as the impersonation or delivery of third party data or false data, the user who has given these data shall be liable. At ABANUC, we reserve the right to sue, prosecute and seek damages for these causes from those who act in this way.

Any user whose data has been compromised or whose identity has been impersonated may request us to enforce their rights over this data for its rectification or deletion, as well as the information at our disposal for the legal prosecution of whoever or whoever has been guilty of this crime and to count on the full cooperation of ABANUC to act against them. Simply write to us at




All users browsing ABANUC pages consent and accept this Privacy Policy. In case of disagreement, we must ask you to leave the site, although we prefer to count on each and every one of our customers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy


ABANUC is committed to keeping this Privacy Policy updated and, therefore, reserves the right to modify and adapt it to the applicable regulations in force at all times, applying below the dates of modification so that you always know when the last update was:

_ May 24, 2018 - Publication.

Contact us

. To ask us what personal data we hold about you or to exercise any of your rights regarding your data, you can write to us at Thank you.